Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tours

Vermont is a beautiful state with things to see and do at any time of year. Four Bed and Breakfast Inns have banded together to bring a new spin to the Vermont vacation scene.

The idea is very simple- guests from all over, who love to walk and hike fly into an airport close (within 2 hours) to Okemo Valley, Vermont. The first Innkeeper will pick them up at that airport and escort them to the first Inn, where they will have a lovely dinner and breakfast the next morning. To the delight of the hiking enthusiast, the tour begins, rambling through the gorgeous Vermont countryside. After five to ten miles of walking the trail between the Inns, they are greeted by the next Innkeeper with a nice dinner and subsequent day's breakfast.  This continues through four different inns and all the while, the guest's bags are ferried to the succeeding inn by the previous Innkeeper, so all that is needed is a backpack with lunch and drinks for along the way. 

A web site dedicated to the Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tours is currently in operation but will soon be updated with new information and fresh photography. Check it out soon!

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