Thursday, April 12, 2012

Southern Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tours; "The Trail" Part 4


The three previous blogs introduced the self guided walking tours from Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast, on to The Old Town Farm Inn, home of Vermont’s finest Japanese cooking, and on to The Combes Family Inn, the quintessential Vermont country B&B.  Then on to the pretentious Apple Knoll in the Historic Village of Weston.
Today’s journey is an 11.2 mile walk to Tatter Hill and then downhill through “popple-dungeon”, a unique valley crossing that transverses a brook several times along the way.  At one time, Popple Dungeon was an, expansive farming community with its own one-room schoolhouse.  The tree growth along the road was so tall and expansive, the poplar trees actually spread over the road seemingly covering it, creating a dungeon one would have to walk through.  Today, expansive farms can still be seen on the offshoot roads as well the trek route.  

Highlights include views from the top of Tatter Hill Championship Golf Course, a beautiful pond which will likely have a moose standing in the middle of it or perhaps a deer standing at the edge.  Enjoy the cool water as it makes its way down your route forming a small stream which decimated homes and the roadway during the Summer Hurricane, Irene in 2011.  Along the way you will meet wonderful people who live along the stream and have rebuilt.  Wave and smile, they are your new found friends.  Some may even invite you in for a cool drink.  Enjoy these moments; they are precious indeed.

This walk will take you back to Inn Victoria in Chester, the "Prettiest Painted Village in Vermont".

Written by; Dan Cote, owner of Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast Okemo

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