Monday, November 5, 2012

Vermont Inn to Inn Walking, Yankee Magazine

Are you one of the hundreds of individuals who called to book a Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tour  this summer, and yet could not find a week open?  Now is actually the best time to book for the 2013 spring, summer and fall season.  Book early to ensure we have openings that suit your schedule.  

After Yankee Magazine's Annie Graves, wrote the article about Vermont Inn to Inn Walking, the bookings increased eight fold for the season.  A little over 200 people from around the country booked the self guided walking tour this season, and we expect to see an increase again in 2013.

Although many couples walked the tour this season, we also had several groups ranging in size from 4-12 people.  
  • A church ministry group from Orlando
  • A walking group from Southern California
  • Friends from all over the USA who meet once a year to reconnect
  • Couples celebrating anniversaries and birthdays
  • New England walker groups
  • Ladies friend groups 

 Perhaps one of the most unique photos send back to me after a walk is that of the Eastern Newt as seen below.  Quite a extraordinary creature, it is called  a 'red eft.' This little guy is actually in its second stage of life, soon to transition to an aquatic form without legs.  It starts out as a tad-pole looking swimmer, then on to land in this 3 inch salamander, bright orange looking form, and then back to the water in the fall as the aquatic version.  COOL!

If you have interest in horseback riding Inn to Inn, call us and lets make arrangements for one of the legs of the tour to be completed by horseback.  We are working out details with Plan B Stables in Chester to ride from Inn Victoria to Old Town Inn, approximately 9 miles.

Written by:  Dan Cote, owner of Inn Victoria, a Bed and Breakfast in Chester, Vermont

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