Saturday, January 12, 2013

Inn to Inn Walking in Southern Vermont

Inn to Inn walking is a common experience for Europeans touring the British Isles in particular.  The nearest one can get to such an experience here in the United States is Vermont Inn to Inn Walking, touring Southern Vermont Inns.  This series of Blogs is dedicated to the families who own and manage these beautiful, romantic bed and breakfasts in Southern Vermont.

Michiko & Aleks are the owners of Old Town Farm Inn, a 200 year old farmhouse and restaurant.  Michiko is a sixth generation restaurant operator from Yokohama Japan. Although Michiko holds degrees in Psychology, Interior Design & Lighting, her love for cooking authentic Japanese cuisine shows in a BIG way.  The Food at Old Town Farm is absolutely a delightful Japanese cultural experience.
Aleks is a former naval nuclear engineer holding degrees in Nuclear Engineering Technology and Computer Science.  He has focused his love of cooking and experience in fish importing from around the world, to the table at Old Town Farm.  Highly sought after for his knowledge in the fish industry, he has also been employed locally as a fish importer for a regional produce and grocery company.

Their daughter Kuniko, has been raised in the B&B service business and is now a college student...doing very well, I might add!

An evening around the dinner table at the Old Town Farm Inn is more like a family gathering of fun, laughter, and food delight.  Try it, you'll love it!

Dan Cote
Owner of Inn Victoria, a Romantic Southern Vermont Bed and Breakfast

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