Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Walking Tours New England, Vermont Inn to Inn

In recent months, Vermont Inn to Inn Walking Tours has revamped the web page in order to offer more services.  Blogs and pictures of Vermont Inn to Inn Walking trails will be a major addition to the site.  This blog is an example of what I hope will be, informative and descriptive word pictures of the trials, the people who walk them, the Vermonters who live along the trials, interesting walking gear and more.  Lets begin this week with a several part series, I simply call; "The Trial".

The Trail will take us through four Inns and their associated walking routes.  The first is from Inn Victoria, a Chester Vermont Bed and Breakfast, to the Old Town Farm Inn, Rte 10, Chester.

A 9.1 mile route, this walk will take you through the Chester Green in the town center, passing small book stores, antique shops, the old rail Depot, past the old grist mill and on the road to country fields and vistas. Once on Flamstead road you will walk a few miles on a very quiet asphalt road that takes you up along the ridgeline of a hill, which allows for incredible views of the valley below.  Horses, wild turkeys, deer and spectacular views are the charm of this area.  The sky is bigger than big and you’ll wish you could live here!  Eventually you will walk onto dirt roads most of the distance and ranging through fields, ponds, very old cemeteries and more.  

Some of my favorite spots to rest and contemplate the beauty of my surroundings include this field atop of Crow's Hill, looking into the valley below.  There are countless rock walls, some showing the wear of the sun and wind, and others tucked away in the cool shade of the woods with soft, damp green moss skins on the rocks. 

Another favorite spot is the cemetery in the middle of the woods that only grows a short mossy grass which flowers in early summer....and never needs mowing.

This pond was home to a family of Canadian geese through the summer.  Many guests that walked this route came back with wonderful pictures of the wee little ones.

My next blog will focus on the walking route from Old Town Farm to Combes Family Inn.

Dan Cote
Owner of Inn Victoria, a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast

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