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International Travelers to Vermont Look for Inn to Inn Walking

Vermont for international visitors
There’s more to Vermont than maple syrup. In fact, the sweetest prospect for international visitors is the sheer amount of activities and sights that the Green Mountain state offers. Geographically, it may be the one of the smaller states in the country, but that just means it offers an authentic slice of rural American life that is difficult to capture anywhere else. With forest covering 80% of the land, Vermont’s scenic landscapes are unrivalled and give visitors the chance to explore hidden wild areas with breathtaking views or an opportunity to wander at their own relaxing pace between small towns and farms.
                                                      For every season
Vermont is a fantastic destination for walking tours and romantic getaways in the countryside.
Back roads and trails lead you deep into the trees where you’ll discover sheltered pathways under leafy canopies or emerge to a peaceful lakeside vista. The scenery is at its most verdant in Spring, when dramatic re-growth gives the countryside a renewed sense of energy. This is the perfect time for the more active visitor who prefers to appreciate the great outdoors with a shot of adrenaline. The mountain biking trails here are known to be among the best in the country and offer challenging routes for every experience level,
from beginner to pro. Summer is particularly peaceful for visitors, with families arriving to go camping in unspoiled areas and immerse themselves in nature. This is the most relaxing time of the year and is also perfect for more gentle recreation such as golf. During Winter, the snowy landscape transforms the area from a walking haven to a skiing and snowboarding paradise. Staying warm indoors by the log fire or braving the cold on an exciting dog sled ride are also popular options.
The Vermont countryside is arguably at its most breathtaking during Fall, when the leaves display some of the most magnificent colors imaginable. The famous Fall foliage is known worldwide and is one of the main attractions for international visitors to the area. It’s a marvelous sight but everyone has a slightly different idea when and where it’s at its peak. It’s always best to ask the locals, who will probably have their own favorite viewpoint to capture the magic. Each season is different, but there are various ways to calculate the best time to visit.
World class food and drink
Is there a more a satisfying way to spend your vacation money than on delectable food and inspiring drinks? The Cheese Trail in Vermont is well known, with visitors coming from far and wide to taste the artisan cheese that the state offers. As well as exquisite cheddar there are said to be over 150 other varieties distinct to the region which have won numerous awards and gained various global accolades. The best way to sample Vermont produce is through a local farmers’ market. These are an authentic and rural affair so international visitors should bring plenty of local currency to avoid running out of cash if the day turns into a shopping trip. With numerous types of baked goods, fresh fruit and specialty foods to try, it quickly could do. The markets also tend to be community events and feature live music and entertainment keep families having a good time throughout the day. The theme will differ all year round so it’s always the perfect time to visit.

The best accompaniment to fresh produce and a fine way for adults to spend an afternoon is a trip to one of the state’s excellent microbreweries. Part of the unique Vermont culinary experience, Vermont breweries and brew pubs are world class and sit alongside the sale of artisan foods as one of the state’s key industries. You’ll find alcoholic alchemy to suit any palette in Vermont’s craft beers, from German style wheat beers to unique American stouts and ales. A trip to one of the state’s many breweries is also an educational experience and you can learn all about how the concoctions are made and why they’ve received so much attention. When coming to Vermont from outside America, one of the best ways to understand it is through an appreciation of its daily life and its heritage. Enjoying the local food and drink on the perfect Fall day will give an international visitor a true taste of Vermont.

By Eve Pearce, for Inn to Inn Walking

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