Monday, April 22, 2013

Yankee Magazine Likes Vermont Inn to Inn Walking

Last year at this time Yankee Magazine released
a spring issue entitled The Best of New England; Vermont Inn to Inn Walking was featured in Annie Graves' article entitled, Time to Daydream.  Within a few short days of that release Vermont Inn to Inn Walking booked over 50 walkers and the season grew from there to well over 100; a record year due to this marvelous article.  Yankee Magazine's spring issue 2013, The Best of New England published a shortened version of the article because of its success.  Get the May / June issue now! 
It didn't take us long to figure out that we needed to ask our guests why they booked with us.  Many of them started by saying they heard a friend talk about the article, others said they had done the tour in previous years and loved it so much they chose to do it again. 

For the most part, the following words are what we heard most often:
  • "We love the idea of peaceful walks on country roads"
  • "My friends and I do something together each year...a Vermont walk Inn to Inn is Perfect"
  • "I love to walk, and the idea of walking 10 miles a day in Vermont sounds great"
  • "My husband and I miss the carefree days of soaking our feet in a mountain stream"
  • "The fresh, clean air appeals to me"
  • "We love to walk with friends and experience different B&B's"
  • "I want to see a moose"
  • "The last time we did the walk, we swam in the clear waters of the lake"
  • Vermont in spring and nights and warm days...ahhh I can't wait"
  • Carefree, unstructured days for a week with dinner and a pillow around the next corner....yes"
Dan Cote, Owner of Inn Victoria; a Romantic Vermont Bed and Breakfast

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